Log Lamp Complete (Log, Lamp and Base Mount)

Log Lamp Complete (Log, Lamp and Base Mount)
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Price $1,150.00

Log Lamp Complete - Lamp, Log and Base Mount

(Shown in Forest Green with Iridescent Glass)

Log: 4' tall, 10" diameter
Lamp: Height 12", top diameter 17"

Lamp: Our "Log Lamp" is milled from very heavy steel and weighs over 25 lbs. The bottom of the lamp is designed to fit over the top of a 10" diameter log. The inside diameter of the lamp bottom is actually 9.375". The mid section of the lamp is 8.5" in diameter and has nine windows cut out around it. There are three curved glass panels that fit inside the lamp to cover the windows. We shape these glass pieces in a kiln to get the proper fit. The top of the lamp is shaped into a 17" diameter, and is held in place with a threaded top "button". Overall height of the lamp is 12". During installation the junction box with lamp-holders is first mounted to the top of the log, and the wire connections are made, then the lamp itself is placed over the top of the log. The lamp is secured to the log with six bolts.

Base mount: The log base mount is designed to be set in concrete. It has a hole in the center for the wire to pass through. The log is then positioned, and secured with four "lag" bolts, (provided with the base).

Log: Our logs are approximately 10" in diameter and 4' tall. They have a 1" hole bored down the center, with flexible conduit running through it. We ship our logs unfinished so that they can be stained on site to match existing colors.

Finish Colors: Click to view Finish Color Options
Rust Brown, Forest Green and Black

Glass Colors:  Click to view Glass Color Options
Iridescent - White with subtle opal sheen on the surface. Transmits slightly more light than amber.
Cream - Cream with pale amber swirls, no opal on the surface. Transmits slightly more light than amber.
Amber - Amber is not available for these lamps because it doesn't transmit enough light.

Illumination: Two 60 watt bulbs

Shipping Information:
Shipping Cost:   $75.00 for this item (via UPS Ground in the Continental U.S.).
Shipping Time:   Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.